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A critical decision that determines your future is selecting the appropriate university. You’re at the correct spot if Saint John’s University is on your radar. This page will walk you through all you need to know about this esteemed university, from its academic offerings and history to student life and beyond.

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Saint John’s University History

Origins and the Formative Years

The rich history of Saint John’s University begins with its 19th-century establishment. It was a little school with a few pupils and a lofty goal when it was founded in 1857. Saint John’s Abbey Benedictine monks created the university. Their goal was to offer an excellent education based on the study, faith, and service traditions of the Benedictines. Strong community and an emphasis on liberal arts education characterized the early years.

Decade-by-Decade Growth and Development

Year by year, Saint John’s University increased the scope of its buildings and academic programs. Midway through the 20th century, there was a lot of development: new buildings, more students enrolled, and the launch of many graduate programs.

Important Firsts

The School of Theology and Seminary was founded in the 1940s; the Alcuin Library opened in the 1960s; and the Saint John’s Bible project—the first handwritten Bible commissioned by a Benedictine monastery in more than 500 years—was developed in the 1990s.

Campus Resources

Site and Campus Overview

Beautiful and large, Saint John’s University is situated in Collegeville, Minnesota. Lakes and trees all around the peaceful location make it the perfect place for study and contemplation. The site of the institution provides just the right amount of contemporary conveniences combined with breathtaking scenery. Spread over more than 2,700 acres, the campus has residential halls, recreational amenities, and academic buildings.

Resources for Academic Buildings

Modern academic buildings at Saint John’s University contain faculty offices, labs, and classrooms. Just a few of the first-rate amenities accessible to students are the Quad, Simons Hall, and the Peter Engel Science Center.

Student Accommodations and Facilities

Saint John’s University student housing is intended to promote community. There are apartments as well as conventional dorms. Modern conveniences are standard in every apartment to guarantee a cozy and encouraging living space.

Reading Rooms and Libraries

The heart of Saint John’s academic activity are the Alcuin and Clemens Libraries. They offer a wealth of materials, private study rooms, and cooperative places. Numerous digital materials and research databases are also accessible through the libraries.

Recreational and Sports Facilities

The institution has first-rate facilities for sports and leisure, including the Warner Palaestra, a large sports complex, and several outdoor fields and courts. Sports of both competitive and leisure nature are available.

Academic Programs

Programs for Undergraduates

Saint John’s University provides a wide selection of academic programs made to suit the demands of students in the modern world. There is a wide range of subjects covered by Saint John’s undergraduate programs. Whatever your hobbies and professional objectives, you may select a program in the arts, sciences, business, or teaching.

Postgraduate Coursework

Advanced degrees in theology, education, and nursing are available to graduate students. Our programs are intended to give you comprehensive information and useful skills for your career advancement.

Courses and Certifications for Professionals

Saint John’s provides a range of professional courses and certifications in addition to degree programs. These are perfect for anyone wishing to improve their abilities and progress in their jobs.

Possibilities of Online Learning

Understanding the value of flexibility, the institution offers online courses as well. These courses are intended to provide the ease of online access together with the same demanding education as on-campus courses.

Admission Procedures

Specifications for Applications

The admissions procedure to Saint John’s University is rigorous but simple. Candidates must turn in their entire application form, official transcripts, reference letters, and results from standardized tests. Additionally needed is a personal statement or essay.

Key Deadlines

Monitor application deadlines closely. Deadlines for early and normal decisions differ; for the most recent information, see the admissions page of the university.

Application Success Tips

Emphasize in your application your special experiences and strengths to increase your chances of acceptance. Point up your personal attributes, extracurricular activities, and academic accomplishments.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Categories of Financial Assistance Open

Saint John’s University has several financial assistance alternatives and is dedicated to making education accessible. Saint John’s offers work-study, loans, and grants as financial assistance. These can cut attendance expenses by a great deal.

Scholarship Sources

The institution provides several scholarships according to leadership, academic achievement, and other standards. While continuing students can apply for certain scholarships, some are reserved only for incoming freshmen.

Applying for Financial Aid

Students who want financial assistance must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Researching other scholarship options and applying early are also advised.

Student Life at Saint John’s University

University Community and Culture

There is something for everyone in the lively and varied student life at Saint John’s University. Welcome and inclusive is the college culture. Different backgrounds of students unite to form a vibrant and encouraging community.

Clubs & Groups

Joining a club or organization is possible in many different fields, from academic societies to cultural groups and recreational clubs. These provide you with great chances to network and advance yourself.

Happenings and Customs

There is a long history of community-building events at Saint John’s. There’s always something going on campus, from the yearly Homecoming event to the Christmas at Saint John’s performance.

Local Living

Local Community Overview

The people in Collegeville are really close-knit and the town is lovely. Easy access to the bigger cities of St. Cloud and Minneapolis is combined with a tranquil environment.

Accommodations Off Campus

Students that would rather live off campus have a variety of housing alternatives in the surrounding communities. These include both shared homes and flats.

Area Attractions and Events

Beautiful parks, walking paths, and cultural sites abound in the neighborhood. There’s enough to do whether you’re an outdoor person or would rather visit theaters and museums.

Job Services and Alumni Network

Employment Guidance and Assistance Services

Helping students flourish both during and beyond their academic careers is the mission of Saint John’s University. Students can get tools and direction from the Future Services office to assist them in choosing their future pathways. Services offered are employment fairs, practice interviews, and résumé training.

Job Placement and Internship Programs

Strong ties to both national and local businesses enable the institution to place students in internships and jobs. Such chances offer priceless practical experience.

Notable Success Stories and Alumni

An outstanding network of graduates who have succeeded in a variety of disciplines surrounds Saint John’s. Their experiences provide motivation and evidence of the caliber of instruction offered by the university.

Abroad Prospects

Academic Programs Abroad

International activities at Saint John’s University expand students’ perspectives. Worldwide study abroad options are available to students. Cultural exchange and immersed learning are features of these programs.

Partnerships and Collaborations Abroad

Through its affiliations with universities all around the world, the university offers chances for joint research and scholarly communication.

Research and Development

Institutes & Research Centers

The foundation of Saint John’s academic program is research. The university has a number of institutes and research centers that concentrate on social sciences, humanities, and environmental studies.

Research Projects of Note

Research projects addressing real-world concerns are undertaken by faculty and students. Many times, these initiatives are acknowledged both domestically and abroad.

Getting Students Involved

It is urged of the students to take part in research in order to obtain practical experience and make important findings.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Commitment

Fostering a diverse and inclusive atmosphere is a priority for Saint John’s University. Understanding the benefits variety adds to the educational process, the institution aggressively encourages it in all its manifestations.

Diverse Students’ Support Services

Many support services are offered to make sure every student feels accepted and encouraged. These consist of advocacy organizations, cultural centers, and mentorship programs.

Efforts toward Inclusion

Among Saint John’s inclusiveness programs are seminars, workshops, and activities that encourage cooperation and understanding among students from many backgrounds.

Resources for Sustainability

Environment on Campus Programs

A major emphasis of Saint John’s University is sustainability. The institution has put into place a number of sustainability initiatives meant to lessen its environmental impact. These consist of energy-efficient structures, recycling programs, and environmentally friendly dining establishments.

Environmental Programs

Saint John’s participates in larger environmental projects that advance sustainability both on campus and outside.

Getting Students Involved

Students can get involved in environmental-focused academic courses, volunteer work, and groups.

Why Choose Saint John’s University?

You have several good reasons to select Saint John’s University for your postsecondary education. The institution provides a special fusion of demanding academics, a friendly community, and stunning scenery. It stands apart for its dedication to Benedictine principles and liberal arts education.

Comments and Experiences of Students

Finding out from former students and current students may be quite instructive. Many spoke very well of their experiences, emphasizing the opportunity for both intellectual and personal development as well as the strong feeling of community.


Offering a thorough academic program, Saint John’s University equips students for success in both their lives and jobs. With its historic past, varied academic offerings, and active campus community, it’s a great option for those looking for a comprehensive education.


How many applicants to Saint John’s University are accepted?

The admission rate is rather selective; it varies every program but usually stays around 80%.

Are there degree programs offered online?

To suit students who want flexibility in their studies, Saint John’s University does, in fact, provide a range of online degree programs.

Are there any extracurricular activities?

Extracurricular activities at the university include academic clubs, athletic teams, cultural organizations, and hobby groups.

How does Saint John’s University help overseas students?

With orientation programs, academic counseling, and cultural integration activities, Saint John’s offers foreign students extensive support.

Which housing choices do first-year students have?

Traditional dorms and contemporary suite-style apartments are available to first-year students; both are intended to promote community and academic achievement.

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